ARNOS – Pasta Producer

Mr. Gere thought about starting his own business after visiting a friend in Hungary.  This friend owned a successful business and lived very comfortably.  Mr. Gere also witnessed many opportunities his friend had in contributing to community development.

The Geres were experiencing hard times.  Mr. Gere was the sole bread winner and was employed at a manufacturing plant in Oradea. The situation had to end.

Mr. Gere and his brother developed a business plan.  Although initially unsure of the type of business they wanted to start, they did want it to be in an industry familiar to them.  They decided to produce pasta after discussing it with their wives.

In July 1992, the Gere brothers started producing pasta under the ARNOS brand. ROMCOM sold them the very first piece of equipment they ever used. The machine had a production capacity of 6.25 kilos of pasta per hour. The pasta market was quite empty at the time, and ARNOS encountered virtually no competition when selling its products.

ARNOS had only a small production area for the first year. The two entrepreneurs decided to expand their business. The first step was building two additional rooms, one for pasta production and another for pasta drying.

The company was growing more and more profitable. In 1994, Mr. Georges Dubi, the president of ROMCOM, offered ARNOS additional financing. Using a ROMCOM loan, ARNOS acquired a modern pasta machine capable of producing 62.5 kilos of pasta per hour. The benefits of this investment were immediately apparent as production capacity increased dramatically, and product quality significantly improved.

The business kept growing and developing every year due to the diligence and ambition of the Gere brothers.  To continue this trend, ARNOS recruited and hired non-family members.

ARNOS acquired two very efficient, semi-automatic pasta dryers in 1996 using ROMCOM financing.  The pasta again improved in quality, and the company was working at full production capacity.

In 1999, the owners built a mini-production plant with a modern infrastructure. They acquired a new void-pressing machine to eliminate air bubbles in the pasta and a new packaging machine. These investments increased production considerably and, once again, improved product quality.

Mr. Gere’s company currently employs 31 people working in 3 shifts. ARNOS sells about 75% of its daily production to retailers and street vendors in Oradea, while the remaining 25% is sold in seven neighboring counties.

Mr. Gere had little management experience when he started the pasta business.  He took full advantage of the business seminars offered by ROMCOM.  Through these seminars, Mr. Gere gained valuable insight into sound decision-making and was better equipped to visualize and understand the big picture.

Diligence and commitment to continuous improvement are Mr. Gere’s core values. “In order to gain market share”, Mr Gere says, “one needs to respect himself. One will only succeed through product quality”.

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